I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) ~10 years ago.

When I was also diagnosed with a companion vascular disease (Chronic Cerebro Spinal Venous Insufficiency, or CCSVI – the obstruction of veins draining my brain and spine) and a Chlamydophila Pneumoniae (Cpn) infection, I commenced a treatment which was reputed to be helpful for the symptoms of MS, CCSVI and Cpn.

The treatment is the Combined Antibiotic Protocol (CAP) for Cpn .

In my case the treatment has proven to be effective. Like others, my MS symptoms have receded and the blood flow through the veins draining my brain and spine has increased dramatically.

I have found the forum (www.cpnhelp.org) which supports patients through this treatment to be invaluable. Dr Wheldon’s webpageDr Thibault’s webpage, and the Vanderbilt University / Stratton patent have also been regular references. I can’t thank their founders and contributors enough.

My website can be used as a companion by those whose cognition is at first too impaired to navigate these resources.

When you do feel better, you’ll see that the cpnhelp.org forum contains advice from a number of wonderful doctors who are highly experienced in administering the treatment – such as Dr David Wheldon (username = D W) and Dr Paul Thibault (username = paulthibault)…as well as patients with Cpn who have improved on the therapy, such as Sarah Wheldon (username = Sarah), Jim Kepner (username = Jim K), and Paul Jaminet (username = PaulJ).